Recap of OLT’s First Canvas Workshop

Whether or not you were able to join us for an in-person Canvas workshop, the main points from the workshop have been captured for you to review at your own pace.

Additionally, contact us with any new questions that arise, or to schedule an in-person meeting.

As promised, below is a sample letter that you can adapt to use to introduce your spring 2013 students to the Canvas pilot:


Greetings, Class!
Welcome to [COURSE NAME (COURSE NUMBER)]. This semester I am working with the College’s Office of Learning Technologies to pilot an online learning management system called Canvas. Our goal in using the system is to make it easier for you to learn, communicate with me and other students, and access course material 24/7 from any device.
Now, to get started:
1. You will receive an email inviting you to join my course on Canvas and requiring that you register with Canvas before logging into my course. Please use your SVA email account! Access your SVA email account by logging into and clicking on the Gmail button toward the top-right of your screen. NOTE: After you log into my course, you can add another email address and even opt to receive text message updates about my course.
2. Once you are in the course, take a look around. Not all course content will be visible to you yet, but you can use the navigation buttons on the lefthand side of the page to view some information. We will talk more when we meet next [DAY at TIME]. However, if you have any immediate questions about using Canvas, take a look at the StudentGuides from Instructure on
Finally, you may be asking “Why do I have to log into a system that is not part of” The short answer is that Canvas is one of a couple of tools that the College is considering deploying campus-wide in the coming year. Before such a big decision is made, SVA wants to hear from faculty about their experience of using Canvas — and how well-received (or not) the system was by our spring 2013 students. So, make your voice heard. If you absolutely love Canvas, or if you have any strong complaints, please feel free to email [email protected]
See you soon,

2 Thoughts on “Recap of OLT’s First Canvas Workshop

  1. Thanks, folks!

    FYI: For anyone watching our video tutorial, I want to stress that a few of the “setup” steps for your course would NOT be required if the College chose to use Canvas as its official LMS (learning management system).

    For example, if we choose Canvas for fall 2013, your courses would be automatically available, with all students already enrolled in the course :-)

  2. That is terrific. Thanks, Jeanelle!

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